How to Choose a Magic Mushroom Grow Kit

The magic mushroom offers a natural way of getting a psychedelic high. However, it is not legal to sell magic mushrooms in most countries. Fortunately, it is possible to grow these types of mushrooms at home. You can purchase ready-to-use grow kits. That means after a few weeks, you can take a dive into the magic world by using your homegrown mushrooms. How can you choose the right grow kit and the type of mushroom? In this post, you will learn a few things to consider.

Origin of Magic Mushroom Strains

This is the first thing you ought to consider. Remember that not all species have their origin known. For instance, you can find some species that are obtained from the Amazon rainforest, from Hawaii, and from Mexico. Such species are available for sale as spore syringes. Thus, if you want a grow kit with a spore syringe, you can get from different strains. Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodia originates from Asia, and it is a popular species because it grows very fast. Also, it can grow in a wide range of materials. You can also find magic mushrooms from countries such as Thailand and Ecuador.

Type of Grower

It is a good idea to get a grow kit that suits your knowledge and needs. Are you a beginner grower? If that is the case, you should purchase a forgiving strain. Therefore, you should get a magic mushroom that is easier to grow and on a wide variety of soils. If you use a complete magic mushroom grow kit, you will have a small room for making mistakes. With such a set, you only need to water it once since the filter bag ensures the humidity is kept in balance. Moreover, the set has everything you want.

Type of Mushroom Trip

You need to consider the kind of trip you want. Maybe you are a beginner, and you want as minimal risks as possible. Do you find your psychedelic journey inspiring? Maybe you want to focus on the size of mushrooms because you want to take trips regularly, share with your friends, or have a high tolerance.

It is advisable to consider the active ingredient in your magic mushrooms. You may realize differences in the effects of various strains of mushrooms due to the total chemical composition of each different strain. Another advantage is that the mushroom got its name because of different reasons.