Symptoms Of Periods

Menstruation period signs vary from one woman to another, though there are some effects which are popular. Knowing the signs will guide you when another sign comes in, to address it quickly medically and efficiently manage your period. Some women will not experience any menses signs. If you have been looking for information about periods this article tells you why menstrual problem are common.

General information

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

jhhjhjhhhjPMS is an emotional disturbance that is popular. Women can have mood swings and likely experience fatigue, weepiness, or irregular emotional reactions. The persons with psychotic episodes will have an increase of their signs during premenstrual syndrome.


The proper movement of menses has a regular pattern. The flow will begin moderately, get to its highest level then slowly fade away. Very light or slow flow is called hypomenorrhea. Intake of birth control pills or lack of needful body hormones can cause this. The massive surge of over 80 ml could be cancer, hormone imbalance or other medical danger related.


Period pains are very common, particularly in young women when going through their menstrual. The sign can include nauseating, a burning and sharp or shooting sensation. Pain is felt in the abdomen, although the upper thighs and lower back, might experience discomfort. The altering of the blood flow may develop headaches. Extremely severe pain is dysmenorrhea. Young women and 67.5 percent of 13 – 19-year-olds have it. The pain can be too much, that the person is distracted from doing their daily activities.

Binge eating

There is a tendency of women to eat too much than normal, during their period. Salt craving or “comfort foods,” is particularly common. According to doctors, the beta-endorphin levels fluctuation which takes place during this time, makes the symptom to arise. For the women that experience this symptom, they will have variance cravings from one cycle to another.

Breast swelling

Breasts enlarge due to water retention and increased hormone levels during the monthly cycle. Some women get significant growth at this time, which can be uncomfortable.


kjkjkjjjkjkjMenstrual periods has more than 150 signs linked to it. The symptoms vary a lot from cycle to the next one and can worsen when one has lots of stress. What looks like PMS can be caused by other conditions sometimes. It is mandatory that you know the cause of your discomfort to have the right treatment. A 2 or 3 months menstrual diary will be helpful to a health professional.