Flags in schools and other places


A flag is a symbol that identifies a country, state, school, military, sports club or any other group. We all know them from the time we start going to school because each educational institution will also have a flag. Perhaps the most known one is the usa flag which is seen in many places.

Schoolsschool's flagpole

Educational institutions both public and private will have their own flag. Many schools will have both the country and school flag flying at the entrance or the main assembly area in their premises. Let us look at a few situations when flags are used in such institutions.

Sports events

Many colleges and schools have annual sports events. Generally, there will be an opening, awards and closing ceremony during them and at each time, the college and USA flag will be honored.

Inter-school events

Whenever there is ant competition between schools, each school will carry their institution’s flag to identify themselves and allow the supporters who know where their team is.

International events

Many reputed educational institutions participate in international events. They can be sports educational or arts related. But whatever they are, it is important that people are able to distinguish them, and this can be achieved by having the flag of their country displayed in their camp.

The flag

flagpoleAny flag is designed to identify a group, society or country. They have been around for many years, and are used in countless facets of life. The military uses them to identify the country and individual regiments and ships use them to display the country that the vessel is registered to. In fact, maritime flags have become a requirement by law and every ship required to have one flying when they sail.

The flag itself is a simple thing which is often a piece of rectangular fabric that has a printed logo, or design that is unique to the country or group it represents. They also come in many other shapes like triangles, circles, and squares.

Reasons for you to use one

Many households do not have a flag always flying at their residence all year round. However, it is important to have one on special days like Independence which will show your support to the country. They can be hoisted on a flagpole that can be dismantled and stored after the day has passed. You can also have one if you are a patriot and are proud to be a citizen.