Top benefits of social media

Social media has earned its place in the modern society. It is very unusual to go for more than a day, without taking a few minutes to indulge in social media. The adoption of the technology clearly shows it benefits, and the constant growth and updates that it keeps getting display the potential that has in impacting people’s lives. When our technology pioneers created the internet, they had a vision of making the world into a global village, and they surely did so when social media was conceived. It has grown to become the most used technology in the world. Below are some of the benefits it provides to people.

The advantages of social media

Connectivityicon for social medias

One of the top benefits of social media is the affordable connectivity it provides to everyone in the world. Legacy technologies such as radio calls and landlines were highly limiting as they only concentrated in specific areas. They were also very expensive making it impossible for people to access them. Social media enables anyone, from any part of the world to have inexpensive communication that is accessible at any time of the day for a minuscule connection fee. Other platforms have even collaborated with the major Internet service providers to ensure that everyone gets free access.

Making new friends

The dawn of social media introduced new ways in which people make friends. These days, it is common to have friends on the other side of the globe and keep in touch more often than your local friends. It has helped people learn about new cultures and have more respect for them. Social media can also be attributed to the thriving world peace. Through talking, many people have realized that they have more in common that they differ, creating a worldwide friendship that plays a great role in enhancing world peace.

Promotional tool

One thing that most people do not realize is that social media is the largest marketing platform in the world. A network such as Facebook is known to have over one billion active users, that are always online at all times. Companies can use the tools provided by the various platforms to make sure that they unleash their marketing potential and get better performance in the long run.


People might not be aware of this, but most of the informal learning takes place in social media. Although it can be hard to guarantee, people can learn a lot, especially from social media groups that are tailored to help people learn more on a specific niche.