Easy tips to have a successful live event production


Sitting back and watching a live event makes you feel like you are in the crowd cheering and chanting. But little do you know what went into make such event a success. The skills set; the shooting and production team must be relentlessly working to bring that live coverage.

Now it is your turn to go for a live event production. You do not know where to begin, and so much is expected of you. You are nervous, and you cannot guess where to begin. Cool down, here are tried and proven tips that would make your event a big success.

Hire the right people with the right attitude

concert performanceThe team you will be working with will make or break your event. Take your time to select every individual and get their attitude. It is only by having the very best that you can be half sure that your production will be successful. The other factors will give the remaining 50%, and you will have a complete deal.

You should know the limitation of your venue

Despite being the best place you could think of, you will be surprised that it has its limitations. You should embrace such shortcomings and work around them to come with an excellent production. Do not be broken down just because you come across a barrier you did not expect. Be creative and instantly find solutions.

The key to dealing with these limitations is to be fully prepared. While you should hope for the best, you should be prepared for the worst. If you could hear the tales of some of the best live events you have been watching over the years, you would know how much of limitations they had to deal with.

Your event looks to play a big role

You have heard people say that a picture speaks a thousand words, right? Of course, they are referring to the power of what meets the eye. For your event, looks will be what you should be much focused on. The camera, lighting, transition, angles and any other shooting element should be given serious considerations. Do not let a flaw be seen in your work.

Strike a balance between your audio and visuals

There is a mistake many producers do: they give audio more importance than the visuals. While audio is very crucial to the success of a live event, you should not over use it. You should find a working balance and give some dominance to what people can see. Most viewers will be interested in what they see before hearing what is being said.

Treat your crew to a great meal

concert performanceTo your team, food is like fuel that will keep them going on for however long. Treat them to a great meal to make sure no one will take a
leave to have something to bite. It is better you have the meal first to get the guarantee of 100% concentration when the event gets under way.

It is not a mean feat to produce a successful live event. It takes determination and preparedness to go all the way. With these tips, you will now find it easy to go all through the process.…