Taking Shrooms for Beginners

If you are going to use shrooms for the first it is wise to know some tips. It will help you prepare to have a wonderful experience. The length of time that shrooms stay in a person’s system depends on several factors like the strength of the mushroom, the individual’s body, and the dose. My friends and I all buy our magic mushrooms from the same website because of their awesome selection. Here are some tips on taking shrooms for beginners:

The Amount of Shrooms to Use

Apart from choosing the right shroom, knowing the amount to use is important. Make sure you weigh the mushrooms well before use. The amount of dried and fresh mushrooms varies because of the level of psychoactive substances in them. Fresh mushrooms contain a lot of moisture and during the drying process, moisture is lost and also weight.

Some shrooms lose up to 90% of their weight when left to dry. You need to consume fewer dried mushrooms compare to fresh ones. A beginner should not use more than 1.5 grams of dried mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms can be taken 10 grams to give a mild effect and enjoy the experience.

Do Not Shrooms with Other Drugs

Depending on the strain you take, it can take even one hour to get absorbed in the body. Mushrooms have their own hallucinating effect more than other drugs like marijuana and don’t go well combined with other drugs.

Do not make the mistake of combining it with alcohol, it can be dangerous for your body. Mushrooms work by expanding the mind, while alcohol works the opposite by calming the mind. A lot of shroom users combine with smoking but it is not recommended.

shrooms for beginners

Always Have a Sitter

For a first-timer, it might be difficult to get out especially when you get on a bad trip. That is why it is necessary to have a sitter with you. A sitter is someone sober when you’re taking the shrooms, which usually controls your behavior. A sitter monitors all your actions and prevents you from making wrong decisions.

If you start having bad experiences, the sitter can reassure you to revisit your actions. The sitter can keep you calm and tell you that whatever you are feeling is temporary, that way you can influence your feelings. It gives you the chance to face your fears and you can enjoy your shroom trip.

Take In A Safe and Familiar Environment

A homely environment is good for a shroom beginner. You need to be in a place you feel at ease failure to that, the environment can work against you. Make sure you don’t move from place to place, it can be challenging for your trip.

Be prepared to be settled in one place that you are familiar with, it will give you a good feeling when you’re comfortable. Negative feelings can be triggered in a new environment. You want an amazing and safe experience and probably attempt to take shrooms again in the future or sooner.